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Want some badass content that helps you get more traffic and leads?

I can help with that.

Meet Your Next Content Marketing Writer

I’m Kacper, your go-to guy whenever you need killer content your audience actually wants to consume.

I specialize in the tech industry but can team with any brand ready to boost its message, reach and lead generation.

If you’re a B2B marketer you probably found this website because you’re in desperate need to:

Attract more leads and turn them into loyal customers

Ditch your boring corporate tone for language that will engage your audience and…

Use stories to build authority and distinguish your brand from the competition

And just how can I help you with that?

By treating your content the very way it’s supposed to be treated. A first stage of your sales channel.

Not convinced? Let me ask you this…





What makes a difference between a successful blog post and a complete waste of money?

Chances are you’ve hired a writer before… only to learn – probably right before your deadline – that they have no idea how to write content for a B2B audience.