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I’m Kasper, and I help great companies generate more leads, build authority and relationships. Ready to skyrocket leads and sales from your website?

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In-depth blog posts that build authority and let your potential customers that you mean business.

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Custom blog posts that target your audience will take brand from boring to epic in no time.

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Let’s face it. You want blog posts so you can get more sales. I’ll help you make it happen.

Hi, I’m Kasper.

I’m a professional copywriter, and I specialize in writing awesome, in-depth blog posts about marketing and B2B topics.

People come to me when they need badass blog posts for their business.

And I don’t just write when you hire me. I also:

  • Research to pinpoint topics that will get your audience reading
  • Pitch blog topics ideas based on your audience
  • Optimize your blog posts for SEO (don’t worry – no keyword packing)
  • Format your posts for easy readability
  • Create a blog post title designed to draw attention on social media
  • Include links/info screenshots to make the post more data-driven when it needs to be

If the post has my byline, I’ll also promote it by sharing it with my social media following!

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