Hi, I’m Kasper.

People come to me when they want badass blog posts…


You should work with me because:

I specialize in in-depth marketing and B2B blog posts.

When working with me you don’t get just blog posts. I do a bunch of behind-the-scenes work, so you don’t have to.

Work like:

  • Researching blog post topics to pinpoint ones that will get your audience reading
  • Pitching blog topics ideas based on your audience 
  • Optimizing your blog posts for SEO (while making sure they’re NOT dully stuffed with keywords)
  • Formating your posts for super easy readability
  • Create a blog post title designed to draw attention on social media
  • Include links/info screenshots to make the post more data-driven when it needs to be

So… what do you say?

Want blog posts that drive traffic, generate leads and increase sales?

But wait, who are you again?

Hi! I’m Kasper 👋 and I’m the secret (blog post) weapon your business has been looking for.

Here’s some stuff about me (in no particular order):

⭐ I’m a dog fanatic. I even learned about dog training by writing articles on it (my favorite way of learning stuff)

⭐ When I’m not writing I like to hike the hills and snack on wild berries.

⭐ I LOVE exploring. If we’ll work together, you’ll find me changing countries a lot (at least after a certain global episode calms down)

⭐ I’ve been born and raised in Poland, but the majority of my 20s’ I’ve spend in Norway 

⭐ When I was a child, a chestnut 🌰 hit me on the head. (You know they come in nasty spiky shells, right?) Haven’t walk under a chestnut tree ever since. I just don’t trust ’em.

If you’re still here there’s one last thing to ask…

…wanna talk blog posts?

I usually respond in 24-48 hours. Ask me anything!

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